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LB7-110(W1,W2,W3,GYGYW2)currenttransformer  Implementingstandards TheproductperformanceconformstothenationalstandardG81208"currenttransformer".   Productstructureandperformancecharacteristics Thistype
Product description

LB7-110 (W1, W2, W3, GYGYW2) current transformer



Implementing standards
The product performance conforms to the national standard G81208 "current transformer".
Product structure and performance characteristics
This type of transformer is composed of single-phase, capacitive insulation structure transformer body, porcelain sleeve, metal expander, oil tank, etc. The body includes a primary winding and 4-6 two windings. The primary winding is U-shaped, and the main insulation is capacitor voltage divider insulation. The electric field is uniform, the dielectric loss factor is small, and the partial discharge quantity is low. After vacuum drying, the insulation performance of the body is stable and reliable. The primary winding is divided into two groups. Four outlets are drawn out through the upper side wall of the porcelain sleeve, which can be conveniently connected in series outside the product to change the current ratio.
Instructions for ordering
When placing an order, please indicate the product type, rated current ratio, number and order combination of secondary windings, whether secondary windings have taps, secondary load and antifouling grade.
If the product is used in plateau area, please indicate altitude.
Please refer to the technical department of our company for special requirements.
1.Metal expander; 2.Pressure ring; 3.Conductive row; 4.High-pressure porcelain sleeve; 5.Pressure ring; 6.Elevating seat; 7.Oil tank; 8.Secondary junction box; 9.Grounding bolt; 10.Oil discharge valve



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