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TYD110/3-0.02(001)HcapacitorvoltagetransformerImplementingstandards TheperformanceoftheproductconformstothenationalstandardGB4703"capacitorvoltagetransformer"andGB1207"voltagetransformer".   Productst
Product description

TYD110/3-0.02 (001) H capacitor voltage transformer

Implementing standards
The performance of the product conforms to the national standard GB4703 "capacitor voltage transformer" and GB1207 "voltage transformer".
Product structure and performance characteristics
The line products are used for rated voltage 10V, frequency 50H, neutral effective grounding system for voltage, point energy measurement, relay protection, carrier communication, automatic monitoring, etc. The products are outdoor type.
The product is a single-phase single-column structure, consisting of two independent components, capacitive voltage divider and electromagnetic unit. The two components are overlapped by eight supporting insulators. The upper end cover of the capacitor divider is the high voltage terminal, the lower end cover is the low voltage terminal, the porcelain sleeve is the antifouling porcelain sleeve, and the liquid medium dodecyl benzene is filled inside. There are intermediate voltage transformers, compensation reactor dampers, voltage limiter and so on in the fuel tank of the electromagnetic unit. The corresponding terminals and carrier communication terminals are grounded by two terminal boxes. The oil tank is equipped with an oil meter, a secondary junction box and an oil discharge valve. By connecting the primary series and parallel connection and using the secondary winding tap, various current ratios can be obtained. On line monitoring of SF6 gas density. Operation free maintenance
Instructions for ordering
When placing an order, please specify the product type, rated current ratio, combination of secondary accurate grades, rated capacitance and product anti-fouling grade.
Please refer to the technical department of our company for special requirements.



1. first connection terminal; 2 partial voltage capacitor; 3. lifting and climbing; 4. oil level indicator; 5. junction box; 6. installation base.








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