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LGBJ-110(W1,W2,W3)currenttransformer  Implementingstandards TheproductperformanceconformstothenationalstandardG81208"currenttransformer".   Productstructureandperformancecharacteristics Organiccomposi
Product description

LGBJ-110 (W1, W2, W3) current transformer



Implementing standards
The product performance conforms to the national standard G81208 "current transformer".
Product structure and performance characteristics
Organic composite insulation, no oil, no porcelain, no gas (SF6), no operation and maintenance of the external insulation for silicone rubber umbrella skirt, pollution resistance, high pollution, wet lightning voltage, medium loss factor and local level of low-yield crystals small volume, light weight, easy to transport and installation.
Instructions for ordering
When ordering, please indicate the product type, rated current ratio, secondary winding number and grade combination, secondary winding with tap, secondary winding rated load, anti-fouling grade.
If the product is used in plateau area, please indicate altitude.
Please refer to the technical department of our company for special requirements.



1. lifting board; 2 box; 3. famous brand and two terminal; 4. silicon rubber umbrella group; 5. well connection: 6. first connection terminal.








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