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JDQX-110,JDXF-110(W2)currenttransformer Implementingstandards TheproductperformanceconformstothenationalstandardGB1207"voltagetransformer".   Productstructureandperformancecharacteristics Thistypeofpr
Product description

JDQX-110, JDXF-110 (W2) current transformer


Implementing standards
The product performance conforms to the national standard GB1207 "voltage transformer".
Product structure and performance characteristics
This type of product is composed of body box, silicone rubber composite insulating sleeve (or high strength porcelain sleeve), explosion-proof pressure relief valve and SF6 density relay. The product is insulated by SF6 gas-film composite dielectric. The product is considered to have small partial discharge and no dielectric loss. The product is capacitive at two times rated voltage.
The ferroresonance will not occur with the parallel capacitance of the grid's ground capacitance and circuit breaker.
Adopting optimized design and high quality core material, the measuring accuracy reaches 0.2 grade. The use of riot prevention device and SF6 density relay makes the product run safely and reliably.
Instructions for ordering
When ordering, please indicate the product type, rated voltage ratio, secondary winding level combination, secondary load and antifouling grade.
Please refer to the technical department of our company for special requirements.
1. Primary wiring board; 2. Silicone rubber sleeve or porcelain sleeve; 3. Body box; 4. Secondary wiring box; 5. Explosion-proof device; 6. SF6 gas density relay
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