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JDC5-220.JDCF-220(W1,W2,W3)voltagetransformerImplementingstandards   TheproductperformanceconformstothenationalstandardGB1207"voltagetransformer".   Productstructureandperformancecharacteristics  This
Product description

JDC5-220.JDCF-220 (W1, W2, W3) voltage transformer

Implementing standards
The product performance conforms to the national standard GB1207 "voltage transformer".
Product structure and performance characteristics
This type of voltage transformer is cascade insulation structure. Its primary winding is composed of four windings. Each winding is insulated by an insulation grading. The primary potential decreases gradually from top to bottom. The upper end "A" is fully insulated and the lower end "N" is grounded. Equipotential bonding between iron core and primary winding
The whole body is supported by components made of high-quality insulation materials. Its dielectric loss factor is low. The body is packed in a porcelain sleeve filled with transformer oil after vacuum drying. The transformer oil is dehydrated in vacuum and degassed and filtered.
Instructions for ordering
When ordering, please indicate the product type, rated voltage ratio, secondary winding level combination, secondary load and special requirements of anti-fouling grade products, please consult our technical department.
1.Expander; 2.Oil level observer; 3.Primary outlet terminal; 4.Porcelain cover: 5.Handhole; 6.Base; 7.Brand name and secondary outlet device; 8.Oil discharge valve; 9.Lifting and mixing; 10.Grounding bolt; 11.Secondary outlet pipe
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