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Speech President
A drop of water also has a dream, so having the fast-flowing rivers
A stone also has a dream, so having a stable long beach
Gan electric people also have a dream
There is the dream of creating myth and the dream to become a creative
brave warrior.
Many years ago, we commenced our career relying on a glimmer of light,
Over the years, we eat bento meals accompanying our sweat and tear,
Trials and hardships along the way
Shaping brand while shaping ourselves
At the same time when opening the market, the market also chooses us
Gan electric people are active, diligent, practical and ready to work,
We are willing to be the solid human ladder and to be the jacking brand giant
Gan electric people are simple, cheerful, enthusiastic and hospitable,
We are willing to broad our mind to embrace your sincerity.
Looking forward to your cooperation and waiting for your arrival