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About Us



Gandian mainly produces 220kV and below current transformer, voltage transformer, dry type transformer, oil
immersed transformer, high & low voltage complete set switchgear, prefabricated substation, padmounted
transformer, 6~35kV metering box(combined instrument transformer), discharge coil etc.
 Gandian has good economic benefits and social influence as it has perfect management system, quality and services. Although intense market competition, they have achieved super conventional and leapfrog development.

Company profile


Jiangxi Gandian Electric Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, with a registered capital of
Gandian is a backbone enterprise designated by National Ministry of
Machinery & National Ministry of Electric Power to produce dry-type transformer,
oil-immersed transformer, high voltage transformer, combined transformer, &
box-type substation in Jiangxi Province. It was awarded the scientific & technology
enterprise by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science & Technology.

Leadership speech


A drop of water also has a dream, so there is a surging river, a stone also has a dream, so there is a stable long bank, jiangxi electric people also have a dream……

Culture idea


Dream of creating myths, dream of becoming creative warriors. Years ago, we were exploring the road with a glimmer of light. For years, we have been dining on bento with sweat and tears……

The development course


The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "survive by quality and seek development by science and technology"; it always adheres to the quality policy of "leading technology, meticulous manufacturing, sincere service, and continuous correction". And with this new and old customers go hand in hand to create brilliant. 

In 2010,

China's power equipment
integrity enterprises top 30

China high quality brand

In 2007,

In 2004,

Modern enterprise

In 2018,

Live by quality

Thick DE·good faith


The company always adheres to the management idea of "survival by quality and development by science and technology"; We always adhere to the quality policy of "leading technology, careful manufacturing, sincere service and continuous improvement". And with this new and old customers hand in hand, create brilliant。