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Service idea 

Jiangxi gandian Electric Co., Ltd. is a key backbone medium-sized enterprise designated by the former State Power Corporation and the state machinery bureau to specialize in the production of transformer, transformer, box substation and other substation equipment. It is one of the national standards, guidelines, drafting and editing units of transformer. Have the ability to provide all-round services such as technical scheme design, product manufacturing inspection, after-sales service, on-site coordination, project management, technical training, equipment inspection, annual inspection and troubleshooting.

Our company follows the values of customer first and promoting our own success with customer success, and has been serving customers wholeheartedly with great enthusiasm, integrity and integrity. Our company has a professional service team. The service engineers of the customer service headquarters have solid professional knowledge and rich on-site experience. They can provide long-term, perfect and thoughtful services for our customers, establish long-term cooperative relations with customers in equipment maintenance, technical update and upgrading services, and have maintenance institutions and competent maintenance personnel.

Quality assurance

The bidding products must pass the acceptance of the power department, and all losses caused by quality problems shall be borne by the bidder. If the power department fails to pass the acceptance, the bidder unconditionally recalls the products provided and bears the losses caused to the owner, and the purchaser has the right to choose another supplier.

From product design to raw material procurement, our company strictly follows the national standards and our quality manual and procedure documents. In addition, our company has also formulated a series of quality reward and punishment systems. Product quality awareness has penetrated into the hearts of every employee. Strict management system is an important guarantee for our product quality. In terms of product manufacturing, strictly comply with and meet various technical requirements, standards and various information feedback provided by you. Complete the delivery test and field test items according to the test items and test requirements of the technical specifications.


Insurance period

The warranty period is 24 months from the date when the goods are accepted and officially put into operation.

If serious defects (such as goods performance failing to meet the requirements, etc.) that are the responsibility of the seller are found within the warranty period, the warranty period will be calculated for 24 months from the repair of the defects. If the seller provides the repair and technical support expenses incurred due to goods failure during the warranty period for free, the warranty period shall be extended accordingly according to the time delayed by the occurrence and repair of the failure.

During the warranty period, if the goods are found to be defective, if it is the seller's responsibility, the Seller shall immediately repair and replace the defective parts free of charge, including the resulting replacement costs, freight and insurance premiums to the installation site, which shall be borne by the seller. After the warranty period, the Seller agrees to offer the best price

Provide the buyer with the most perfect maintenance and repair services and spare parts. The buyer shall propose to the seller for the defects and defects found during the warranty period

The claim for damage to the supplied goods shall remain valid within 30 days after the expiration of the warranty period.

Warranty scope and conditions

(1) For quality problems caused by our reasons during the warranty period, the products shall be guaranteed with "warranty, replacement and return".

1. During the warranty period, if the equipment fails due to the demander's human reasons or natural disasters, we provide free maintenance services and only charge the cost of damaged parts.

2. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will provide lifelong service for the product, and the demander is only responsible for the round-trip transportation expenses of our engineering maintenance personnel and the actual cost of replacing damaged parts.

(2) The quality and performance parameters of all products provided by our company fully meet the requirements of GB (national standard) and IEC (International Standard), and ensure that the goods supplied to the demander are brand-new and unused, the technology is advanced and mature, the quality is excellent, and meet the requirements of safety, reliability, effective operation and easy maintenance.

(3) Ensure that the goods supplied to the demander are free from defects caused by design, material or process.

(4) Ensure that the goods supplied by us meet the requirements specified in the contract.

(5) Ensure that the service life of the supplied products reaches the service life required by the state under the conditions of correct installation, correct use and maintenance, and has satisfactory performance within the service life.

Service response

A. Service content within warranty period

(1) . provide all technical data and drawings specified in the contract free of charge.

(2) Send special personnel to the site free of charge to provide technical guidance, track and assist in the installation, commissioning and shipment of equipment, and be responsible for the delivery of other associated equipment

For interface and technical cooperation.

(3) Train more than 3 product maintenance operators for users free of charge.

(4) Our company has offices and equipment maintenance personnel in all provinces and cities, which can better serve users.

B. Service content after warranty period

Provide paid services for life. After receiving the user's fault notice, respond within 2 hours, send service personnel to the site within 24 hours, eliminate general accidents within 24 hours, and complete major accidents or parts that need to be allocated to the manufacturer within 3 working days. The demander is only responsible for the round-trip transportation expenses of our engineering maintenance personnel and the actual cost of replacing damaged parts, And ensure that the standard of service provided to users is not lower than that provided by us to any third party.

 Gan Dian Electric

Other commitments and preferential conditions for after-sales service

1. Free site acceptance:

During product delivery, we can send full-time technicians to track on-site services, and cooperate with your technicians to inspect and accept the appearance and quantity of products when unpacking.

2. Free technical training:

At your request, our company can be responsible for training the technicians, equipment operation and maintenance personnel of the user unit on site, recommending the training plan and providing training materials one month before the training is approved by your company, so that the trained personnel can skillfully operate the equipment, understand the equipment structure and working principle, and master the future maintenance of the equipment, And can eliminate general faults.

3. Free installation instructions:

During equipment installation, our company will send experienced and capable service personnel to the site to guide the installation.

4. Free instruction debugging:

For the installed equipment, our company can send technicians to the site for power on commissioning and technical guidance. You can organize the power supply department and installation unit to participate

Plus performance commissioning and safety acceptance.

5. Free on-site guarantee operation:

At the initial stage of equipment power on and operation, our company can send technicians to assist.

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