Speech President

Speech President

 Gan Dian Electric

A drop of water also has a dream, so there are surging rivers,

A stone also has a dream, so there is a stable levee,

Gandian people also have dreams

Have the dream of creating myths and becoming creative warriors.

Many years ago, we explored the road with a glimmer of light,

Over the years, we have had lunch boxes with sweat and tears,

All the way

While shaping the brand, it also shapes itself,

While opening the market, the market also chose us.

Gandian people are active, diligent, down-to-earth and willing to work,

Be willing to be a solid ladder and a giant of the brand.

Gandian people are simple, cheerful, warm and hospitable,

Willing to open your broad mind and embrace your sincerity,

Looking forward to your cooperation, waiting for your arrival!

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